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We warmly recommend a leisurely stroll around the old city centre, and area closed to the traffic all year-round and hosting a vast array of shops along its main road.
Entering the area from the Porta (Gate) Garibaldi, you will find the bustling fish market on your right-hand side, where you can buy fish just caught as well as freshly-picked vegetables. At night the market dramatically changes its appearance, the fishmongers’ tables replaced by the lights of many bars and nightclubs.
Right next to the market is the ancient Spanish quarter, today housing the local council. On the square the main church is well worth a visit, with its seventeenth-century façade and the numerous paintings and sculptures preserved in its interior.
Even at night Marsala’s city centre is always lively and animated, thanks to the great number of restaurants, bars and cafés.

Tour of the Wineries

In recent years, the always interesting Sicilian wines have reached really high standards and have become internationally acclaimed. Whether you are new to Sicilian wines or are already a passionate enthusiast, a tour of one (or more) of the wineries in the area of Marsala is a must: Rallo, Pellegrino, Florio, Donnafugata are amongst the most renowned in Sicily. To arrange a visit with tasting it is advisable to contact the wineries directly.

Convento del Carmine

The Convent today hosts the local art gallery where the works of international artists are often displayed.

Museo archeologico Villa Romana

Tel 0923 952535
Splendid mosaics still survive which once decorated this roman villa, erected in the ancient city of Lylibeo (today Marsala).
Visits must be arranged in advance with the Museum.

Chiesa di San Giovanni

Built in 1555 over the so-called “Cave of the Sybil”, the church is dedicated to St John the Baptist, patron saint of Marsala alongside the Madonna of the Cava. Inside the church it is possible to admire a statue of the Saint attributed to Antonello Gagini. From the church it is also possible to access the cave with mosaics and frescoes dating between the II and the V century.

Complesso monumentale San Pietro

Tel 0923 718741
The Complex of San Pietro was originally built as a monastery in the 16th century. Today it hosts the library and the civic museum with an interesting section dedicated to Giuseppe Garibaldi, one of the heroes of the unification of Italy, and his 1860 expedition to Sicily.

Museo degli arazzi Fiamminghi

Tel 0923 711327

Archaeological Museum Baglio Anselmi

Tel 0923 952535
Many of the artefacts excavated in the area of Marsala and on Motya are today preserved in this museum. Especially worthy of a visit are a statue of the Callipygian Venus rencetly unearthed and a Phoenician ship probably sunk during the Battle of the Aegadian Islands, towards the end of the first war fought by Rome against the Phoenician kingdom of Carthage (3rd century B.C.).

Lido Signorino Beach

Popular with the locals, the beach boasts clean and transparent waters. Alongside the public beach, the presence of numerous establishments offering food and drinks as well as umbrellas and sunbeds, makes it ideal for those looking for a well-catered for, chilled experience.

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